The ultimate saleswoman

On Monday morning I noticed I had just enough blush left in my compact to last the week. On Friday - today - I knew my first stop had to be the Lancome counter at Hecht's.

A handful of flurries swirled in the air at lunchtime. I went out in the bitter cold, ran two blocks and burst through the glass doors of the behemoth downtown store.

Behind the glass cosmetics counter, a woman greeted me with a bright smile.

Lancome Goddess: "Hi. You look different. Did you cut your hair?"

Me: (trying hard to mask my confusion) "Yes I did. I wanted a new look for the new year."

Lancome Goddess: "Well, it looks great. I knew there was something different about you."

Me: Smiled awkwardly and desperately tried to remember the last time I stopped in to buy cosmetics.

Me: "Umm... I'm actually here on my lunchbreak and need to pick-up some blush. Miel Glace?"

Lancome Goddess: "Oh right. I know you won't need any foundation, but how are you doing with pressed powder?"

Me: "Just the blush today, thanks."

I probably visit the Lancome counter once every four months, not often by any standard. Not only did the Lancome Goddess remember my name, she knew the products I used and the colors. Photographic memory? Or perhaps the BEST customer service I've ever encountered.

I walked out of that store feeling like a V.I.P. The little things really do make a huge difference. I felt important, taken care of, and more than a little ashamed for not remembering her name in return.

Have you ever had a salesperson surprise you? Are you accustomed to being ignored and brushed off by salespeople? Or do you get treated like a V.I.P.?

The last time a salesperson paid so much attention on me, I was dropping a small fortune at Best Buy - so I felt entitled to a little kid-glove-treatment because I was paying for it.

I only bought a compact of blush, but the extra thought has turned me into a lifelong customer. I'm going to make sure all my friends visit the Lancome Goddess at the Hecht's store at Metro Center.


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