An arthouse all our own

I'm a film junkie.

Shorts, full length feature films, blockbusters, indies, foreign language movies with subtitles, silent pictures, animation - I'm no connoiseur. I love them all.

Today is the grand-opening of Landmark Theatre's eight-screen arthouse on E and 11th Streets, NW.

How excited am I?

I used to watch movies at the Biograph in Georgetown. But CVS bought the building and the theatre closed amid rumours that a cineplex devoted to independent films would open in 2001.

While I patiently waited for the promised arthouse to open, I was stuck viewing artsy-fartsy films in small rooms while squinting at the miniature screens of the Dupont Circle movie theatre. No stadium seating. No surround sound. No extraordinary film experience.

But today, TODAY, three years after the first announcement, it's here! The E Street Theatre is finally open.

And I'm going to see Big Fish.


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