Car alarms

Raise your hand if those annoying sirens interrupt your day? Raise your hand if you live in New York City?

The New York City Council will hold a hearing early in 2004 to determine whether or not to silence those pesky bells and whistles for good.

I'm hoping Washington, DC has the good sense to follow suit.

I can deal with fire trucks tooting horns (god speed); ditto with ambulances and police cars.

But those bloody car alarms.... every night, one or two car alarms go off around midnight and it drives me crazy. In the summer, I'll have friends over up on the roofdeck. We'll enjoy a lovely supper and swim in the pool. And just when everyone's relaxed and happy, an anti-burglary device will shatter the tranquil atmosphere.

And they don't work. Who has ever dialed 9-1-1- upon hearing a car alarm go off? What's the point?

All those in favor of tossing all car alarms in the Pacific, say Ayyyyyyyyyyyye!


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