Global warming

Six years ago this month, more than 150 countries agreed to control the Earth's greenhouse gases at a conference in Kyoto, Japan. One of Bush's first moves as President was to withdraw the United States from the treaty.

Despite reports released by Environmental Protection Agency, the World Health Organization, environmental groups and scientific organizations, The White House denies that human interference is the cause of an increase in the Earth's temperature.

In fact, although the US has no federal policy on global warming, the States have taken matters into their own hands.

Here is a sample of this week's headlines:

* Global Warming Threatens World's Ski Resorts

*Climate Change Blamed for some 150,000 Deaths

* A Flake-free Christmas

* Inuit People Launch Human Rights Case Against Bush Claiming Extinction Because of Global Warming

* Insurer Warns that Premiums Will Rise as Global Warming Continues

* Global Warming: 2003 Blows Hot - 3rd Hottest Year on Record

* US Researchers Try to Bury Gas Causing Global Warming

* Will Global Warming Cool Europe?

Should the United States have a federal policy regarding global warming? Or is this campaign the result of a bunch of fatalistic wackos making a mountain out of a molehill?


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