A colleague told me something in confidence today.

She mentioned that, in general, whenever there is unpleasantness that needs to be dealt with, the senior staff tend to toss it in my direction because they know I'll handle it.

An image of a mafioso hitman popped to mind.

Does my employer really see me that way? I had no idea. And is it a good thing? Bad?

Personally, I despise confrontations. Hate them. I like to negotiate and work things out until everyone is happy.

I have, on occasion to enforce work policy, put my foot down and just said "No."

"Sorry, but, NO."

I really, REALLY, wish she hadn't mentioned it.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing? And why didn't I notice it on my own? Is my impression of myself off? Really off? And WHY, of all things, am I really sweating this?


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