This week has been hell. Pure H-E-L-L! Everything that could go wrong, did. And for some ungodly reason, all of the pesky little problems managed to land neatly on my lap.

I am ready for a little relaxation.

Maybe in March.

I fly north tomorrow. For all my New England buddies, the plan is to kick off the week in Newport. So if you haven’t made plans for Saturday night, a crew of us will be gallivanting up and down Thames Street, drinking heavily and annoying the natives.

I love traveling to Massachusetts for the holidays. In a seven day period, I manage to visit with over a dozen cousins, do some serious bonding with my brothers and parents, spend serious quality time with my grandparents, and usually get into at least three debates over what I am and am not doing with my life (always fun!). There’s a lot of last-minute treks to the malls (bleagh), last-minute wrapping, and last-minute cooking.

I also get to hang out with old high school friends and college buddies. Always a T-R-E-A-T!

I’m praying to the weather gods to keep Massachusetts and Rhode Island dry for the next week. Send those nasty noreasters elsewhere. At least until I return to DC in 8 days. I’m really not in the mood for a blizzard. Any accumulation over 2 inches is just too much.


Time to make the big switch

Less than a year after buying my Samsung super-duper camera-phone, it broke. The hinge snapped, disabling the entire phone (shoddy plastic crap exterior that costs $350).

ANYWAAAAAY... I've noticed that other people get phone calls in elevators and subway tunnels, but I never do.

I'm a Sprint customer. Have been for 4 years now. And in general I have no complaints... it's not like I often travel to West Virginia where I get no signal at all. I would like to get a signal in the subway though.

So I'm looking to switch providers.

I've heard so many rumors about who provides the best coverage (Verizon? AT&T?), the best phones (T-mobile), most options (Nextel) - it's a confusing place, this mobileland. So I thought I'd go to the source - the users.

What service do you have? Are you satisfied with it? Would you recommend it? Right now my phone does everything but cook - camera with flash, internet access with a bright color screen, assigned rings for particular people. Should I stay with Sprint? Should I suck it up and replace my superphone with another Samsung? Or is there a better service company out there?