Conspiracy theorists rebuffed

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Reinventing history

Bush continues to bumble along as the State of the Union mess refuses to die down. ... 16 words and counting.

When will he learn to just shut up and let the grownups handle the questions?

If I worked for that communications office, I think I'd be tempted to duct tape his mouth closed.

See Bradley's Almanac and Illruminations for his most recent antics.

This just in from Slate

I never thought I'd live to see the day when my personal fiscal health was in better shape than the country's.

"The projected deficits do not take into account future military spending for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. The administration is expected to ask for more money to cover those expenses.

And another fact I wasn't aware of... according to USA Today.....

"Federal spending has increased 18 percent during the administration's first two years."

Isn't that just great?

So you want to be a reporter?

Why sweat college tuition and journalism programs? Waitlisted by SU's Newhouse program? No worries - Foxsports.com is recruiting sportswriters on Ebay.

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Wonders never cease

Killing some more time this afternoon, I came across this post.

I can barely imagine......

And I wonder how I got here.....

I was safe at work, ticking off tasks on my "Things To Do" list, skating through my day, when my mind began to wander. And I started thinking about what I would do if I woke up tomorrow with a few million dollars to my name (don't ask).

I've never considered myself an altruistic "do-gooder". I never pictured myself hopping on the first flight to Mozambique to help the children dying from lack of clean water.

I did imagine something more atune to traveling the world and documenting travesties with my Nikon, selling the photos for a mint and donating 50% of the profit to some charity (s). Or founding a trust with a couple million to bankroll such and such many scholarships a year for poor kids needing to pay college tuition.

Turns out, I've been kidding myself.

The first thing I would do is buy the biggest, best beach house I could afford somewhere on the east coast (the Cape, the Hamptons, Nantucket, Newport, somewhere up there). Buy a crash pad here in DC or in NYC (maybe I could afford one in Chicago too). And I would party like a rock star. I would drive all of my working friends and family insane, begging them to ditch work and play with me - and then, eventually, I'd find other idle rich people to play with.

That's what I would do. No grandiose plans to save the world (or even make it a better place for that matter). No ambition to make it into the history books by doing *something*.

I would spend my money on roundtrip tickets to the moon - travel on a whim - play practical jokes - spend my way into events like the Academy Awards*White House Correspondents Dinner*Grammys* - buy some really cool toys (like a Maserati Spyder, a Faberge fountain pen, the Uptown Theatre for my personal viewing pleasure) , eat, drink, and be merry.

I am a materialistic, superficial, bad, bad, bad person.

Kennedy to discuss long-term role of U.S. in Iraq

I'm really interested in what he has to say this afternoon.

I predict that he'll recommend:

1. Coming up with a realistic exit strategy a.s.a.p.

2. Cajoling the U.N. to mandate international cooperation to rebuild Iraq.

3. Admonish the administration for citing British intelligence in the State of the Union speech.

4. Something inspiring about getting Americans back to work.

I'm taking bets - any other predictions?


Affordable housing?

Yesterday, I almost choked on a grande latte with skim milk while I read through the Washington Post real estate ads. Talk about DE-PRESSSS-ING.

The market was reasonable a few years ago, when I was offered a 2-bedroom apt. in Dupont Circle for $146,000. But I didn't know if I was coming or going. I couldn't decide whether or not I wanted to commit to the city, much less drop a chunk of change on property!

If I could only travel back to that afternoon in 1999......

It looks like I'll be renting for a really long time.

Who thinks housing prices will 'deflate'?

Third Floor

Unit 302: 1 bedroom/2 bath with loft & roof terrace

1,110 sq. feet Includes one parking space


This one is in Adams Morgan in Washington, DC.