Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Country::air travel
  2. G::string
  3. Offer::job
  4. Connection::reach out and touch someone
  5. Quest::for happiness
  6. Lighthouse::New England
  7. Sycamore::tree
  8. Inhumane::Chinese water torture
  9. Sneer::Colin Farrell
  10. Weapon::words

A big mistake

Everytime I read about how Abe Pollin let the greatest basketball player on earth go, I want to hit something (or someone) HARD!

Thanks to James over at Why I Hate DC for bringing it to everyone's attention today!

It's another gorgeous day in DC.


I subscribe to over a dozen bargain travel e-letters including one for every airline, Expedia, Priceline, Orbitz, and site59 among others.

This little deal arrived in my inbox today via USAirways:

Boston, MA Paris, France $209
Charlotte, NC Paris, France $269
Columbus, OH Paris, France $269
Hartford, CT Paris, France $249
Los Angeles, CA Paris, France $309
Philadelphia, PA Paris, France $209
Pittsburgh, PA Paris, France $209
Richmond, VA Paris, France $249
Rochester, NY Paris, France $249
San Francisco, CA Paris, France $309
Washington National, DC Paris, France $209

I just paid almost $300 to fly roundtrip for the Christmas holidays from National to Providence Greene airport. For a little over $200 I could be in PARIS! Of course, there ARE restrictions ..... I must depart Fridays through Wednesdays, between October 27 and November 16, 2003. Return travel is Mondays through Saturdays, between November 3 and November 22, 2003. Departing travel is not permitted to Paris October 31 through November 2, 2003 and tickets must be purchased by Wednesday, October 29, 2003.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm.... tempting. I could always leave on a Friday night - say November 7th - arrive on Saturday morning and stay through... how many days can I afford to take off (?)... Wednesday the 12th.... Four full days in Paris. And I know of this cute little hotel right by the Eiffel Tower - one night is the equivalent of US$60. Definitely doable.

How many of you travel on the spur of the moment? Or do you prefer to make detailed plans?


Tired of subtle

Went to the ATM at lunch and got my first stack of new US$20's. The new look wasn't a big surprise - bloggers have been writing about it and posting pictures of the new bill way before the October 9th rollout date.

But they're already counterfeiting the counterfeit-proof bills!

I am disappointed by how subtle the coloration is. You would think that if the US was going to redesign its money, it would use something flashy, patriotic...... why not something in red, white and blue? WHO decided that this pond-scum shade of green was the way to go in the first place? Other countries have *pretty* and FUN paper money. Why can't we?

You learn something new everyday

I was over at Driving with Dawn where I learned about illegal restaurants.

Does anyone know of any underground eating establishments in DC or Boston? Or how about in Seattle?

Maybe I'll start one of my own..........

Things we talk about at work

Ulrich Weiser of Tuebingen University is a member of the German research team that discovered the secret of ancient Egyptian mummification.

The team successfully replicated the mysterious concoction which includes "cedar-wood juice."

This got a group of us thinking.... will this become a new funerary option here in the States. The few times the topic had come up, Id always advocated donating my organs and then settling for a traditional burial. Lately I've considered the benefits of cremation.

Oddly (?), most of my colleagues were opposed to cremation. Two were visibly excited about this new discovery (excited at the prospect of modern day mummification?). Three were sure cryogenically freezing their heads was the way to go. (Are you getting the gist of the type of people I work with?). And the rest seemed most comfortable with a regular burial (with no organ donation).

Do you ever think about it? If you could instruct your loved ones of your preference, what would you tell them? Are you an organ donor or opposed to the concept?

My best friend

It's been almost one year since she moved from DC and this weekend she's visiting for the first time. I'm so excited to see her tomorrow night!

A crew of friends are meeting us out at a trendy new bar tomorrow night. The theme of the weekend is to acquaint her with all of the novel, new venues in DC. She's never seen the new Georgetown cineplex with stadium seating, or the addition to Hecht's and new H&M store at Metro Center. Over the weekend we plan to make appearances at Zola, Zatinya, Ceiba, and Degrees.

We're also catching the matinee performance of Cats - which closes this weekend.

With my partner - in - crime back in town, I'll have lots of stories to post about next week!

Is your best friend local or long distance like mine? Do you have a best friend - or many people who fit the bill?


Attention shoppers

While I was out on my lunch break I noticed that Banana Republic is having a HUGE sale. I bought a shirt for $4.97 and a co-worker purchased a chic little date dress for $14.99. I kid you not - if you're looking for a great deal, head towards your neighborhood store today. (god only knows how long it'll last)

What's in your bag?

Sid of Mondo Winkie emptied the contents of his backpack for us today. I was impressed.

I've been on a music kick lately - you know that annoying girl who stands beside you on the metro, or below you on the escalator, or ahead of you on the sidewalk, with unintelligible music radiating from earphones at a decible level that makes you shake your head and wonder when the impairment will settle in..... that's me.

So aside from a couple of journals, wallet, cellphone and keys, my bag is filled with music (yeah, yeah, yeah - I know I have to get with the times and buy me an MP3 player).

This is what's rattling in my bag today:

Ill Communication - Beastie Boys
Burned CD of 80's songs my bro made for my b-day
Burned CD of Blues Traveler and Jesus Jones songs
Charmed: The Soundtrack
A Rush of Blood to the Head - Coldplay
Other Hours - Harry Connick, Jr.
Fallen - Evanescence
Keep it Together - Guster
The Best of INXS - INXS
Now 6 - 10 - various

What have you been carrying around all day? And what have you been listening to? Anyone have any music suggestions for me?

Will anyone notice a difference?

I'm a huge fan of NBC News and rarely watch Peter Jennings on ABC or Dan Rather's shows on CBS.

Last year, NBC announced that Williams would inherit the anchor seat from Tom Brokaw. Today's question, will viewers notice a difference between Williams's and Brokaw's reporting style? And does anyone really care?