Taking shopping to a new level

One store in Lisbon offered shoppers free designer clothes. The catch? They had to shop in the nude.

How far would you go for free designer duds?



On Monday, I walked through the Insomnia exhibit at the National Museum of Women in the Arts. I was strangely impressed by what these artists conceived late at night or in the early wee hours of the morning (depending on your perspective). Some pieces conveyed by their simplicity the frustration and desire of sleep felt by the creator - others were powerful tributes to the helplessness felt by the sleepless multitudes.

If you're in DC, try and catch this. If anything, visit the museum which is housed in a building originally used as a Masonic Temple. The symbols etched in the intricate moldings are well worth a tour.

I wandered passed the exhibit and stood in a small gallery. Puzzled, I stared at this piece.....

And soon found this image.....

Have you seen anything interesting lately?

Beautiful Day

It's a beautiful day in DC!

Belated birthday celebration

I'm stuffed. My co-workers got together and ordered fabulous thin crust pizza for lunch to celebrate my birthday. I'm really fortunate to work with so many great people.... and I'm not just saying that cuz they treated me to lunch.

How many of you are fortunate to work with people you like? Or are getting paid for work you enjoy?