I start off my mornings reading the news.... checking Nexis, Google News, and the Drudge Report.

This morning I came across the mention of a seven-year bear. Stock expert Sir John Templeton says, "America is going through a crash bigger than 1929 - bigger than any bubble in the world!"

And then there's the inflation cover-up issue. The government's figures indicate massive inflation (just look at the rise in housing costs over the last 5 years), and yet it changes the definition of inflation or deliberately ignores prices that are rapidly rising across the board. Why do you think the political establishment cooking the books?

The weather forecast calls for clouds and rain, but I'm determined to watch the parade and stroll along the Tidal Basin shooting photos of all the tourists 'ooohing' and 'aaaahing' over the Cherry Blossoms.

Then I'll walk up to Uptown Theatre to catch the twilight showing of The Phone Booth.

Sounds real exciting huh? LOL!


I'm hard at work, but will break for a few minutes.

My building had a firedrill this morning. Building management isn't happy that it took a full 8 minutes for all employees to exit.... a success would have been under 5 minutes. I say, so long as I exit the building in under 20 minutes (the time I figure it would take for me to start getting crispy), I'm happy.

I noticed the schizophrenic weather. It's almost hitting 80 degrees F here today. Two days ago we had FLURRIES. Unbelievable!