What's in your bag?

Sid of Mondo Winkie emptied the contents of his backpack for us today. I was impressed.

I've been on a music kick lately - you know that annoying girl who stands beside you on the metro, or below you on the escalator, or ahead of you on the sidewalk, with unintelligible music radiating from earphones at a decible level that makes you shake your head and wonder when the impairment will settle in..... that's me.

So aside from a couple of journals, wallet, cellphone and keys, my bag is filled with music (yeah, yeah, yeah - I know I have to get with the times and buy me an MP3 player).

This is what's rattling in my bag today:

Ill Communication - Beastie Boys
Burned CD of 80's songs my bro made for my b-day
Burned CD of Blues Traveler and Jesus Jones songs
Charmed: The Soundtrack
A Rush of Blood to the Head - Coldplay
Other Hours - Harry Connick, Jr.
Fallen - Evanescence
Keep it Together - Guster
The Best of INXS - INXS
Now 6 - 10 - various

What have you been carrying around all day? And what have you been listening to? Anyone have any music suggestions for me?


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