That just about sums up my day

My staff is out sick today. I'm the proud owner of a corner office..... a corner office on a very busy corridor. I typically shut my door when I'm on the phone, but not today. The five offices beside and across from me are empty. They're all home with the flu.

That said, it's been a pretty shitty day. I never realized all the insane requests we get throughout the day.

So it's time for me to count my blessings and cheer up:

  1. a thermomenter in my office to regulate heat
  2. utilities included in my rent so I can sit in an 80 degree room with all the lights on
  3. Lindt hazelnut chocolate balls
  4. Friday Happy Hours - Warming up with martinis and scotch before running home.
  5. the three-day weekend.... thank YOU Martin Luther King, Jr!
  6. the Diet Coke that infuses my veins with caffeine
  7. I'm not sick (I think I'm the only person in my building and the blogosphere that isn't)
  8. ALIAS is finally airing its new episodes
  9. BB King is in DC on Sunday (Let the Good Times Roll)
  10. since no one is in the office today, I can crank up Depeche Mode without being called a bad influence

What are you grateful for?


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