Predictions on target

Last night I hosted a Golden Globe party. The glittering stars and starlets resembled the decor of the Beverly Hilton - a bit cheesy. Where's the hollywood glam? What the HELL were J Lo's and Nicole Kidman's stylists thinking? And what happened to the tuxedo? Only 1/3 of the men present wore traditional monkey suits.... and too many mimicked Keanu Reeves's mortician look - you know, black shirt, black tie, black suit.

I mean, where was Sting's shirt? Not that the man doesn't look sexy shirtless, but it's supposed to be an honor to be nominated and win one of those golden balls. Al Pacino looked like a little rat with that teeny tiny ponytail and all the whiskers on his face.

But I digress....

2003 was a sad, pitiful year for film. There really weren't many standouts last year. I suppose that's good for Peter Jackson - whose work was FINALLY recognized with two awards: Best Director and Best Film.

The Academy Awards are one month away. Who will walk away with the Oscars? Who were you rooting for last night?

The following is a list of nominees in their respective categories. The winner is highlighted. Did your picks win?

Motion Pictures:
Best Picture, Drama:
Cold Mountain
Mystic River
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Best Actress, Drama:
Cate Blanchett, "Veronica Guerin"
Scarlett Johansson, "Girl With a Pearl Earring"
Nicole Kidman, "Cold Mountain"
Charlize Theron, "Monster"
Uma Thurman, "Kill Bill - Vol. 1,"
Evan Rachel Wood, "Thirteen"

Actor, Drama:
Russell Crowe , "Master and Commander: The Far side of the World"
Tom Cruise , "The Last Samurai"
Ben Kingsley , "House of Sand and Fog"
Jude Law , "Cold Mountain"
Sean Penn , "Mystic River"

Picture, Musical or Comedy:
Bend It Like Beckham
Big Fish
Finding Nemo
Lost In Translation
Love Actually

Actress, Musical or Comedy:
Jamie Lee Curtis , "Freaky Friday"
Scarlett Johansson, "Lost In Translation"
Diane Keaton , "Something's Gotta Give"
Diane Lane , "Under The Tuscan Sun"
Helen Mirren , "Calendar Girls"

Actor, Musical or Comedy:
Jack Black , "School of Rock"
Johnny Depp , "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl"
Bill Murray , "Lost in Translation"
Jack Nicholson , "Something's Gotta Give"
Billy Bob Thornton , "Bad Santa"

Sofia Coppola , "Lost in Translation"
Clint Eastwood , "Mystic River"
Peter Jackson , "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King"
Anthony Minghella , "Cold Mountain"
Peter Weir , "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World"

Which movie is your frontrunner for the Oscar nod? Is there an amazing film you saw last year that isn't being considered for any awards, but should be? Will Johnny Depp EVER win an award?


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