Secret Santa

The division I work in is a lot of fun, with lots of uber-creative and generous people. This year, in addition to our own private holiday party; volunteering with local shelters and food kitchens; and the annual Christmas Gift exchange, we're doing "Secret Santa."

I need some help.

The dollar limit is $25. Meaning that over the course of 2 weeks, I'm supposed to bring holiday cheer and inspiration to a fellow employee with a budget of $25!!! TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS!

I can't properly decorate an office on $25 much less make it stretch over 10 workdays.

The purpose of "Secret Santa" is to spread cheer, joy and happiness through *small* gifts and gestures without revealing who you are to said individual. The big unveiling occurs at the Holiday Party.

To kick things off, I'm going to come in on Sunday to put lights and tinsel in her office. (she's an early riser and gets into work by 6:30 am each morning... there's NO WAY I'd beat her into work.... and I'm not a huge fan of working too late - can't let my other co-workers witness my covert decorating.) If I'm feeling overly ambitious, I'll wrap her door in holiday scenes, topped off with a huge bow. Believe it or not, I already have most of this stuff at home.

So I've got Day 1 all set.

And am feeling entirely uncreative.

My colleague is stressed out right now with multiple deadlines coming up at the beginning of January. She's mid-30's, married with the most adorable little boy.

I was thinking little aromatherapy candles, some nice lotion and maybe bath oil/salt. But with a $25 budget, that would be difficult to pull off without completely blowing the bank.

Any suggestions from the peanut gallery? Why am I being so lame? I can't think of anything!


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