Noise control

The condominium I live in was built in 1963. There are about 25 residences on my floor - 250 apartments in the building. Although the walls are constructed with reinforced concrete, people are fairly considerate about noise - forewarning neighbors if there's a party planned, keeping the volume down after 10:00 p.m., that sort of thing.

I sleep with the window open. Police and fire sirens lull me to sleep. By summertime when noisy, drunk, 20-somethings, coming from or going to Georgetown, yell back and forth to each other at 3:00 a.m., the window is shut and I'm breathing to the hum of my air conditioner. So it's no big deal.

Last night, I had a rude awakening. My new neighbor started yelling (berating, criticizing, screaming) at his significant other at midnight. MIDNIGHT! The argument didn't die down until after 3:00 a.m.

Of course, the most troubling part, is that this brute verbally crucified his lady friend for the better part of THREE hours. She never once raised her voice to him. How do human beings put up with verbal abuse?

Then there's the whole sleeplessness on my part - lieing there; hoping he'd just shut up or she would get fed up and leave or kick him out; praying he wouldn't hurt her in a fit of rage; wondering whether or not I should phone the security desk downstairs; wondering why no one else had notified security as I pondered the best move.

This couple moved into that apartment a month ago. I haven't formally met either of them, but think I've seen him in the elevator a few times.

If they go at it again, do I notify security? Do I buy ear plugs?

I don't want to turn into some nosy neighbor, but the guy is LOUD.... three hours of angry screaming loud. And I certainly don't want to turn this into a tit for tat - because I tend to throw soirees in the summer and things occasionally get loud.

What would you do?


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