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Apocryphal adj. 1. Of doubtful authorship or authenticity 2. not genuine; spurious; counterfeit.

I've been under the misconception that the word apocryphal had something to do with the apocalypse (noun: any of Jewish and Christian pseudonymous writings depicting symbolically the ultimate destruction of evil and triumph of good; Specifically the Book of Revelation.) Don't know why aside from the "apoc" start.

These last few days especially, I've felt like a poor imitation of... well.... something... can't quite put my finger on it, but apocryphal seems fitting.

Isn't it funny how, when you're desperately searching for a way to describe something, the perfect word will pop up out of the blue?

My love affair with words began when I heard apropos (adv: at the right time; by the way; used to introduce a remark OR adj: fitting the occasion; relevant; apt) for the first time. The silent "S" thrilled me (yes, I was, and to some extent still am, a geek!). Could any other word ever be as fun to say? Would any other look as lovely?

I've since been enamored by many others. Another favorite is the Portuguese word "saudade" - a word without an exact English translation, but could mean to miss; to pine for; to be sentimental or nostalgic; fate.

Saudade - a beautiful word... such a puny group of letters to embrace a world of meaning.

What's your word-of-the-day? Do you have a favorite word - either because of its meaning or sound?


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