Kids think the craziest things

When I was 5, sitting in my aunt's yellow bright kitchen, I learned a horrible truth - twins shared the same mother, no exceptions.

See up until that day, I thought I was part of a pair.... a twin... and we were special. Walking through Zayres or Almacs grocery store, strangers would stop my aunt or my mom and comment on how cute the twins were.

We dressed in identical outfits - right down to the lace on our bobby socks..... we wore our hair the same way - if my hair was in a long braid, so was hers; if my hair was in ponytails, so was hers; if my hair was in... well you get the picture.

And to top it all off we looked alike, really looked alike - same long brown hair, same brown eyes, same nose, same mouth.... the possibility that we weren't twins was unfathomable.

As I was saying, up until the age of 5 I thought I was a twin. We looked alike, dressed alike, danced to the same music, liked the same Disney cartoons, and even developed a sort of secret language.

But we were very different.

I am older and wiser by three months.... the mastermind. I was the troublemaker, egging her into a life of mischief, all the while turning on the "Who Me?" innocence when questioned by adults. She was the affable, shy one - the sweetie with a heart of gold. I planned our great adventures; she often took the fall.

She has a memory - of us at a wedding - we were flowergirls. I kissed the ring bearer, and gave him my flowers (I guess a sign of my devotion?!?!?!!) but then I desperately wanted my flowers back so I smacked her in the face, grabbed hers, and blamed the ring bearer for the commotion.

I don't remember that incident - but I've seen the pictures.

My grandfather was hospitalized a couple days ago. I leave for Seattle on business this Saturday. I won't return to the east coast for two weeks. I keep thinking, if she were in my shoes, she'd get on the first flight to Massachusetts and sit by his side day and night. If it were her, she'd make family the priority and not work. If she were me there would be no question.


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