Rent in the Big Apple

Did you know it is impossible to find a decent one-bedroom apartment in New York City?

Calling all New Yorkers.... a really good friend of mine is starting a new job in February. He was hired by a financial consulting firm and making lots of $$$$. So what's the problem?

He can't find an apartment.

He relocated from Philadelphia to his family's home in Connecticut. He is desperate... read D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-E... to find a one bedroom apartment in Manhattan. He's ready to move in immediately.

He's got a realtor and is faithfully reading ads in the Voice. He's also joined some Yahoo Groups, but I thought I'd make a plea on his behalf here.

If you know of anything open, please email me at wrongsideofhappiness AT yahoo DOT com. OR if you have any ideas where he might go for leads... let me know. Thanks!


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