Time flies

Someone once told me that the older I got, the faster time would pass. At the time, I nodded and grinned thinking, "Yeah, whatever."

I've officially joined the Rapid Passing Time Continuum (RPTC). Can someone please tell me what happened to October? Typically one of my favorite months, I barely found time to enjoy it. One second I was on a plane flying to Seattle - I blinked - then I was entertaining guests and looking forward to seeing Cats - I yawned - next thing I knew I was leaving the theatre, blinking in the unusually sunny and warm day - and now it's NOVEMBER!

I know since I've entered the RPTC, tomorrow I'll be writing about how I celebrated Thanksgiving. I'll blink and will be on a flight to Massachusetts for the holidays. And before I know what's happened, I'll be standing in a long line, shifting from foot to foot, waiting to get into one of the DC bars on St. Patty's Day.

It's disconcerting.

Yet somehow, I manage to make time to go to work, meet friends out, speak with family, read, go to lectures, visit museums, and travel. I guess I wish I could find more time to sleep and get through my "To Do List."

And maybe get rid of this dreadful feeling that there just isn't enough of it left.


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