Big baby

I started to feel icky on Saturday night. Woke up around 3:30 a.m. with that stuffy-head, scratchy throat feeling. Which progressed to achy on Sunday and not much better by Monday.

I am the biggest baby when I get sick. Probably because such an occurrence is more rare than a blue moon.

I used to lie on the couch, watching my favorite television programs, an afghan tucked around me, while my mom served me hot homemade soup, lukewarm ginger ale and saltines. (yes, I am a big baby!)

Years later, my roommates took over - heating up cans of Campbell's chicken soup and forcing me to drink tea (and suspect homemade remedies containing equal parts brandy, Nyquil and honey).

I have a lot to do - so I'm here, at work, instead of in bed, where I should be.

How often do you get sick? And are you a grown-up about it? Or a big baby like me?


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