(Rich Lipski - The Washington Post)

Are you ready for some football?

I headed down to the Mall after work with friends to catch Aerosmith's performance at the NFL Pre-Game Party. It was a mob of people - shirtless guys, crying babies (??!!!), drunk girls. We took one look at security, turned around and headed for a bar to catch it on tv instead.

Where am I going with this? .... Today I'm reading about how Britney Spears' bodyguard tore a reporter's notes to tiny bits and pieces. I'm bothered by this, but am not terribly surprised.

BTW - the Redskins beat the Jets, 16 - 13.

Anyone else catch the game? Was anyone else on the Mall? (it reminded me of the crowd on Fourth of July) Did anyone catch the pre-game show on tv? How many Verizon commercials were there - will someone please shoot that guy? ("Can you hear me now? *POW*)


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