To the ladies out there

I don't think guys will relate to this post. It's mostly a girl thing.

I took special care getting ready this morning because I knew I wouldn't have time to run home before going out to this shi-shi bar tonight. I even packed a small bag to work, so I could freshen up later in the bathroom.

And yet, I already know I won't feel anywhere near as fabulous as I did four hours ago. My hair is doing a funny wavy thing, my makeup is melting (meeeeeeeeeeeeelting), and I'm not happy with the clothes I'm changing into (whine, whine, whine - yeah, I know).

My male colleagues just grin and shake their heads. They just don't know......

But for some inexplicable reason, I'm excited for the first time in weeks. And for tonight, I'm happy to be in DC and not in Lisbon.


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